Universal joints Ferri, Quality, Passion and Precision!

MARIO FERRI srl has been producing universal joints for more than 60 years. Thanks to this specialisation, FERRI joints have always been at the maximum level of precision and reliability.

Our mission is to supply quality products as quickly as possible, providing an estimation and technical assistance service, which is able to give confirmation in a short time.

The continuous attention we pay everyday to the manufacturing of these products has brought our selection of joints to such a complete level to satisfy every need of our customers. Furthermore, we are able to create products that satisfy specific requests of the customers.

The MARIO FERRI universal joints that you can see by clicking on the link https://marioferri.com/en/products, are perfect for any type of branch and suitable for any type of industrial machinery.

The universal joints can be used in various industrial branches: packaging and filling systems, conveyor belts, industrial robots, glass manufacturing, wood manufacturing machines, oenological machinery, plastic injection machines, industrial tool machines, textile manufacturing machines, wire drawing machines, printing machines, aerospace and naval branch and in many other types of systems.

Our company has always been aiming to precision and excellence, constantly investing in the research of new technologies so that we are always up-to-date and able to offer you always the best!