Special workings of universal joints.

The universal joint is a device that allows transmitting a rotating motion from an axle to another with a different position and that is used in several industrial machineries. It has ancient origins, but it is used even nowadays thanks to its simplicity and practicality.

Mario Ferri Srl has contributed to the improvement, step by step, of the universal joint. In fact, thanks to the experience of 50 years and to a workshop provided with specific plants and equipment, it is able to produce a very diverse range of products; single universal joints, double universal joints and cardan transmissions.

Mario Ferri does not only offer a wide selection of standard products, it also customises them on request of the customer with workings of milling, turning, internal and/or external drilling, special lengths, broaching and many other customisations, because the aim of Mario Ferri Srl is to guarantee a perfect and unprecedented service.

Our technical office is at disposal to determine the feasibility of potential requested customisations and to guide the customer in the choice of the most suitable product.