At Mario Ferri’s, not only universal joints!

By definition, the universal joint allows to transmit the motion between two rotating axis, so it is classified as a transmission organ.

Mario Ferri in Castelleone (CR) counts more than half a century of experience in the production of universal joints.
Thanks to the experience acquired, in fact, the universal joints Mario Ferri are synonym of precision, reliability and quality.

At Mario Ferri’s it is available a wide selection of universal joints, perfect for every type of field and suitable for various typologies of industrial machinery. It produces: stainless steel joints (X series)joints with sliding bushes (G series), joints with needle bearings (H series) and series S joints with integral yokes.

At our company, you can find a wide collection of products, not only universal joints!
The selection is complete with splined shafts and bushes; these are all products for the transfer of the motion.

At the completion of the selection of products, our company offers the same products mentioned above, but in the stainless steel version, in order to satisfy the demands of food, pharmaceutical and chemical markets.

Furthermore, all the products procduced at Mario Ferri’s are available in stock in prompt delivery, in order to guarantee to the customer a perfect service and a quality product.