Mario Ferri and the stainless steel universal joints.

In these last years, Mario Ferri Srl has focused a lot on the investment for the realisation and development of stainless steel cardan joints and transmissions. Furthermore, splined shafts and bushes are available at the completion of the range of products used for the transmission of the motion, in order to satisfy completely the needs of food, pharmaceutical and chemical markets.

The strength that characterises Mario Ferri is that we can provide our customers with universal joints and transmissions in a matter of a few days.

All of this has been possible thanks to the strong investments of the company in plants for stainless steel machining and also to the ten-year expertise.

In fact, one of the main focuses of the company has always been to provide the customers with an excellent service, in order to satisfy all their needs. It is exactly for this reason that the several models of stainless steel joints and cardan joints are available in stock, in prompt delivery.

Mario Ferri also offers splined shafts and bushes in prompt delivery.