Curiosities about the application of universal joints.

The universal cardan joints have always been the most used tool for the transmission of the rotating motion in industrial systems.

Mario Ferri SRL provides universal joints and transmissions all over the world. The international experiences gathered in more than 50 years, allowed us to develop products and services consistent with the demands of the markets.

Being specialised in the manufacturing of universal cardan joints and transmissions, Mario Ferri SRL is able to guarantee delivers in a few days, both for the standard products and for the products that are customised according to the specific requests of the customers.

Mario Ferri’s universal joint has several application fields: textile, packing and packaging, wood processing, glass processing, food processing and packaging, wine machineries, machines for floor cleaning and many others. The great ease and rapidity of installation make the cardan joint the ideal product for the transmission of the rotating motion generated by electric engines.

Each field that needs the application of cardan transmissions can rely on the efficiency of Mario Ferri’s universal joints, which the company assures to its customers, thanks to the continuous attention that it pays to the needs of a market in continuous evolution.